Storm Brewer

UX Design & Brand Consultant


Storm helps businesses build relationships with their community.

Born in a Storm. Raised by artists, architects, and craftsmen.National Art Honor Society member. Educated at the Art Institute of Seattle in Computer Science & Bellevue College for Application Development.

Extensive Brand agency experience.

Recent Clients

"Storm's skills were crucial in maintaining our company's outward image." - Thomas Marquez, ByteBloom

"Thanks a million Storm" - Sergey Ivavanov, Acumatica

"[Storm] You're the best!" - Tina Morelli, Morelli Enterprises"The designs look great!

Thank you Storm!" - Angela Bloomer, Cloud Contractor 360

"Brilliant!" - Derek Holt, Climax Blues Band"

Thank you for your proactive approach, it is greatly appreciated!" - Connie Thurman, Acumatica

It was great working with you Storm. Thank you so much for all your help! - Tim Maciejewski, SpecOpsGlobal
Lead UX Designer at Acumatica

Modern solutions for complicated digital problems.

Duties at Acumatica: Designing meticulously branded, front-end user experiences. Responsible for overseeing all online & print content delivered to Acumatica's impressive list of clients, & prospective buyers.

Presentation specialist for internal and external facing proposals and educational materials.
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Everything Starts on paper

Great design starts on paper; It's primal, it's fundamental, and most importantly it's cheap.


Managing Whitepages brand redesign during a company de-merger

Whitepages de-merged into two separate companies; one to handle corporate clients, and another to support individual users.

Duties at Whitepages: Designing a complete brand overhaul during one of the most change filled periods in Whitepages long history.
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Special attention to Testing & HCI (Human Computer Interaction)

Design must serve the client what they desire, while eliminating what frustrates them.

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